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The Triumph Cancer Foundation is a Sacramento-based nonprofit organization.

The mission of the Triumph Cancer Foundation is empowering cancer survivors to recapture their lives after cancer treatment through physical fitness. Their signature program, Triumph Fitness, offers adult cancer survivors an opportunity to regain their strength and stamina in a safe environment with exercise specialists specifically trained to work with cancer survivors.

How is Triumph Fitness funded?

A majority of the funds used to support the Triumph Fitness program are generated from the annual Triumph Uncorked fundraising event.

What is Triumph Uncorked?

Triumph Uncorked is a magical evening filled with great music, gourmet food and wine.

Join us for a magical evening filled with great music, gourmet food and wine at our annual Triumph Uncorked fundraiser! We’re mixing things up a bit, with a brand new musical artist sure to have toes tapping and people dancing. The Chicago Tribute Authority will be entertaining our guests this year. Guests will be treated to a gourmet picnic dinner and a bottle of Helwig wine – all served an insulated picnic backpack. Our gourmet picnic dinner is being created this year by the fabulous TASTE Restaurant in Plymouth!  Dinner will be followed by our private concert in the Helwig amphitheater.

Why attend Triumph Uncorked?

Your participation in Triumph Uncorked directly supports Triumph Fitness for cancer survivors; every 6 tickets sold sends a cancer Survivor through the Fitness Program. The Foundation’s main purpose is to provide ongoing funding and support for Triumph Fitness, so that it can continue to be offered to any adult cancer survivor free of charge.

If Triumph Uncorked is something you’d like to learn more about or support, please use the links below.

Learn more here.
Buy tickets here.

keshaCelebrities such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga enjoy such large Twitter followings they need to employ careful strategy to protect their reputations and show respect to their followers. Other celebrities haven’t been so cautious.

Take a look at some of your favorite celebrities’ social media missteps to see who knows how to strategize, and who could use a basic course in social media.

Mishandling an Accidental Association with a Tragedy: Ke$ha

Ke$ha wrote and released the single “Die Young” before the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but radio stations pulled the song from rotation out of respect for the victims. The outspoken singer/songwriter Tweeted messages wondering why Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” wasn’t also removed. Ke$ha’s initial Tweets came across as insensitive to the victims and families, but she later followed up with an apology. Ke$ha should have deferred to a social media strategist in such a delicate situation. If you find yourself in a position where you feel you need to defend yourself or your brand, make sure you look at the situation carefully before posting anything.

Oversharing with the Political Set: Christopher Lee

New York Representative Christopher Lee went looking for love on Craigslist, probably without letting his wife know. Lee appeared shirtless in his photos, and once Gawker released the emails containing the photos, Lee resigned his position within hours. DNA Branding agency’s number one rule for good social media practices is to make sure you are extremely cautious in sharing inappropriate images and messages.

Should Gilbert Gottfried Have Assessed the Risks?

In 2011, while the world was watching the horrifying images from the Japanese tsunami, Gilbert Gottfried made a critical error. Doing what he is originally best known for (before becoming the voice of the AFLAC duck), Gottfried started making jokes about the devastating disaster. Gottfried’s series of poorly timed and insensitive Tweets were beyond the pale for AFLAC, who quickly dismissed the comedian and started a campaign to find the new voice of the brand. Participating in the world requires social responsibility to protect yourself and your brand’s reputation.

Charlie Sheen Grasps the Importance of Social Media

Charlie Sheen seems dedicated to practicing his Twitter pratfalls. Sheen’s most recent incident occurred when the “Platoon” star thought he was sending a private message to Justin Bieber. Instead of the private message, he sent a public Tweet to the teen singer, which included Sheen’s real telephone number. This mistake from the former star of the television sitcom “Two and a Half Men” resulted in thousands of calls from curious fans. Learn from Sheen’s error, and do not provide private information in your social media posts unless you understand the possible consequences that might negatively impact you or your business.

Creative Commons image by bikephotomusic

There’s plenty out there on the Internet to like, from videos of cats to videos of other cats.

When it comes to your marketing dollars, however, the Internet shouldn’t necessarily represent the biggest slice of your expenditures.

Neilsen reports that global spending on Internet ads has risen faster than ever before, but this still represents a little over 10 percent of all marketing spending.

How can you use traditional ad techniques to appeal to an unplugged market demographic?


No matter your age, income level or background, every person loves to get free things. Consumers have the ability to gain an avalanche of free products each day, from samples at the grocery store to rewards programs for car tires. Businesses pursue this type of marketing because it’s an effective way of grabbing short attention spans—SocialTimes suggests you have less time than ever before to grab a person’s attention, perhaps as little as five seconds. Plan how to give away products while increasing brand consciousness, such as surveys or even games that turn participant focus to your business and products.

Photo by avlxyz via Flickr

The Written Word

In an interview with the New York Times, Right Stuff of Tahoe vice president Kirk Korver estimated about 15 billion business cards circulate through the corporate world annually. Business cards represent a fast and easy form of networking and advertising, since a company’s services and brand appear prominently in a hand-held card. Those who are less than artistic but need a good design can find professional-looking business card templates at Printingforless.com. Provide business cards to your employees to distribute at any opportunity, and your company will soon find its way to valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

Photo by Murat Erturk via Flickr

All the News

Although newspapers have been hailed as a failing industry, the circulation numbers suggest otherwise. The Alliance for Audited Media reports that two newspapers—The Wall Street Journal and USA Today—have more than one million prints in distribution, with two dozen more whose circulation numbers rise past 100,000 each day. Not only does newspaper advertising help your company to capitalize on a real-life audience, but the digital editions give you e-exposure at the same time. Sunday newspapers continue to outsell weekday editions, so advertise heavily on a day that has a greater readership.

Photo by laffy4k via Flickr

The Original Mobile Marketing

When people refer to mobile advertising, they often refer to tablets, smartphones and e-readers. In the event that you want a traditional mobile marketing plan, however, the solution is simple: Rent out space on buses and taxis and even individual cars. Transit advertising has been an $800 million business for the past decade, reports the Transportation Research Board. Just about any type of ad can be put on the side of a bus or train to deliver your company’s marketing message to thousands (or even millions) of people.

Photo by Calvin Teo via Wikimedia Commons

3 Ways to Improve Your Online Rental Site

Online real estate conceptThe apartment rental market is a $133 billion industry, with positive growth spurred on by low numbers of home purchases and an economy that is slowly trying to recover.

These circumstances are perfect for property owners who have rental apartments and homes.

While the market is booming, you may find yourself with vacancies if your web site does not provide the information that your potential tenants are looking for, is hard to navigate, or does not reflect favorably on your company.

Keep it Simple

Don’t load your website down with countless bells and whistles.

Instead, keep the layout standardized and simple, making sure that it’s easy to get to all of the different sections of the site. Include information about the neighborhood the apartments are in, apartment complex details, pictures of the actual apartments, and resource links to utility companies.

You might be tempted to have a Flash intro and a long winded message about what drove you into the rental business, but most tenants simply want to know what you’re offering, and how much it’s going to cost.

Integrate Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a necessity to avoid bad tenants who could damage your property or don’t pay up.

However, you may cringe at the thought of adding more costs to the rental process. But an Apartment Association can offer free tenant screening to their members, taking a bit of the cost pain out of your business expenditures. Integrate tenant screening into your application form and automatically sending the tenant data through a secure connection to the screening company.

This allows the tenant to quickly get a decision on whether or not they passed the test and your requirements.


If a potential tenant cannot get the information they need from your website, it’s unlikely they’re going to consider you a reputable company.

Zillow recommends sticking with a 1 or 2 sidebar website that has plenty of clear navigational options so there’s no confusion. You want to make sure that you have a fast server with good uptime so the information is always available online. The last thing you want is for your potential tenant to find out that you aren’t online because your Web host went down.

Pick a memorable domain name.

You can use your brand name or use local keywords. Unless you have multiple properties across the United States or your region, optimizing your website for local searches is going to get you better traffic overall. Make sure that you include plenty of keywords for the local neighborhoods, schools, and points of interest so you get that traffic.

You want to make sure that there’s a contact form in case your tenants need additional information, preferably one that does not require them to enter a great deal of personal information.

They might be too shy to inquire if you want more than their email address.

Oculus Rift vs Sony

Let’s get techy! :)

One of the most exciting advancements in gaming technology is the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

This equipment has received the attention of some of the biggest names in gaming, and some of these individuals have given financial backing for its advancement.

The 3-D headsets that are currently available provide about a 40 degree field of view, but the Oculus Rift outshines at 110 degrees. Another key feature of this unit is the fact that the sometimes annoying issue of “edges” generally associated with other virtual reality headsets; is completely solved with the Oculus Rift.

This device is truly in a class by itself when it comes to total visual immersion.

Sony’s PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

Much speculation has occurred in regards to Sony’s soon-to-be-introduced virtual reality headset for the PS4. Many are saying that it will rival the Oculus Rift. However, the speculated price tag of $1 000 will certainly keep it out of the hands of many.

It’s not far-fetched to imagine that Sony could really deliver a virtual reality headset that answers the call of all gamers. Their HMZ-T2 personal viewer is proof. However, Sony has made no official statements to shed any light on whether or not they are developing such equipment.

Nonetheless, the Oculus Rift is being engineered for compatibility with Android devices, Xbox 360, PlayStation, and iOS devices. This could mean that big players like Sony might wait to see how the Oculus Rift performs once it hits the consumer market, before fine tuning their speculated concept headset.